Curriculum Overview?

The beauty industry has become, and still continues to expand, as a fundamental part of today’s society.  All courses taught at our facility are done so by proficient lecturers, with years of industry experience.  This will ensure you are afforded various career opportunities all while you exercise the HOHA Standard… a “standard of excellence”.

Admission & Enrollment?

H.O.H.A. is committed to equal educational opportunities and does not discriminate in its employment, admissions, instruction, career services etc. Applicants will not be denied admission on the basis of any foregoing factors, but applicants must meet all requirements specified below for admission.

Advanced Education?

We offer  advanced classes for our alumni, licensed cosmetologists, and prospective students to further sharpen their skills and to stay current in the Cosmetology Industry. For more information on scheduling and or advanced classes.

What are you waiting for?


HOHA is devoted to evolving diversity and inclusion efforts that safeguard every student to feel welcome and supported. Our students and faculty work, learn and foster to create an atmosphere where improvement, teamwork and finding methods to rise above challenges are more than objectives — they are the mechanism and central principle of how we operate as an institution.

you have always wanted to do this

Why Not Now…


As part of our training trajectory, we are committed to helping our students actively seek many internship opportunities in order to successfully build a diverse, experience-rich professional resume.


At HOHA, accountability in our organization begins with us. Our institution will thrive when individuals are responsible for their own decisions, work and results.  In order to promote a greater sense of accountability we encourage and adhere to several proven methods. 

HOHA Studio

At Hair on Hudson Academy we are proud to have our students provide services to you at a lower cost. Students will be monitored by instructors/experienced stylists to provide quality services. We encourage you to book appointments and to also enjoy the wonderful H.O.H.A. Studio Experience.  Appointments are recommended. We look forward to serving you!