1 Professional Requirements- State and Federal Payroll Requirements; New York State Sales Tax Requirements; Career Opportunities and Placement; Professional Ethics, Conduct, and Attitude; Professional Organizations, Trade Shows, and Publications, View and discuss the mandatory Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness online course.  24
2 Safety and Health- New York State Laws, Rules, and Regulations; OSHA Regulations Concerning Hazardous Materials Communications; Types and Classification of Infectious Organisms; Growth and Reproduction of Infectious Organisms; Immunity and Body.  Defenses; Decontamination and Infection Control; Physical and Chemical Agents 26
3 Anatomy and Physiology- Cells, Tissues, and Organs; Body Systems; Basic Principles of Nutrition; Overview of Bones and Muscles of the Head, Arms, Hands, Legs, and Feet. 15
4 Hair Analysis- Structure; Growth Patterns; Texture; Porosity, Elasticity 10
5 Hair and Scalp Disorders and Diseases- Dandruff; Alopecia; Fungal Infections; Infestations; Infections 10
6 Chemistry as Applied to Cosmetology- Forms and Properties of Matter; Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures; Chemical Reactions and Solutions; the pH Scale; FDA Laws Governing Hair Care Products and Product Safety 5
7 Shampoos, Rinses, Conditioners and Treatments- Client Preparation, Analysis, and Consultation; Hair Analysis Instruments and Equipment; Shampooing Products, Composition and Procedures; Rinsing Products, Composition, and Procedures; Conditioning Products, Composition and Procedures; Procedures for Hair and Scalp Disorders; Scalp Manipulations.  30
8 Hair Cutting and Shaping- Fundamentals, Principles and Concepts of Design; Scissor Haircutting; Razor Haircutting; Clipper Haircutting; Removal/Trim of Superfluous Hair; Contemporary and Specialized Haircutting; Mustache and Beard Shaping; Shaving 175
9 Hairstyling- Finger Waving, Pin Curling, Skip Waving, Roller Styling, Patterns in Hairstyling, finishing techniques, Twisting, Wrapping, Weaving, Extending, Locking and Braiding, Traditional Weaving and Styling, Services in Hairstyling (tools and implements) Blow-drying, Thermal Curling, hair pressing, Hair pieces. 245
10 Chemical Restructuring- Chemistry; Chemical Restructuring Products; Client Consultation; Preliminary Procedure of Chemical Restructuring; Procedure of Chemical Restructuring; Corrective Chemical Restructuring. 180
11 Hair Coloring and Lightening- Color Theory; Chemistry; Preliminary Procedures of Haircoloring; Client Consultation; Hair Coloring Procedures; Hair Lightening; Special Effects; Corrective Procedures 180
12 Nail Care and Procedures- Nail Structure; Nail Disorders and Diseases; Nail Shape and Color Analysis; Basic manicuring and Pedicuring; Manipulations of the Hand, Arm, Leg and Foot; Nail Tip Application; Nail Wrap Application; Liquid and Powder Nail Enhancements 40
13 Skin Care and Procedures- Structure and Function of the Skin; Skin Conditions and Disorders; Facial and Body Procedures; Wet and Dry Exfoliation and Applications; Use of Various Products to Enhance the Appearance of the Skin; Discussion for future Training Required for Advanced Techniques such as Aromatherapy and Water Therapies; Make-Up Application. 60



1 Orientation- School rules and regulations, history of Esthetics, Role of the Esthetician, Qualities of the professional Esthetician, Code of Ethics, NYS and Federal laws, View and Discuss mandatory Domestic Violence and Sexual Awareness course 5
2 Safety and Health- Local, state, and federal safety codes, Classroom/Student Salon rules and regulations, Hazardous Material Communications (HAZMAT 8
3 Infection Control- Types and classifications of bacteria, Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, Physical and chemical agents for infection control. 18
4 Anatomy and Physiology- Cells, tissues and organs, Body systems 30
5 Structure and Functions of The Skin- Physiology and histology of the skin, Structure and functions of the skin, Appendages of the Skin 18
6 Nutrition for Healthy Skin & Body- Understand nutrition, proper nutrition on, free radicals, antioxidants, and benefits of vitamins 5
7 Skin Disorders and Diseases- Skin disorders, lesions, Sebaceous gland disorders, Inflammations of the skin, Pigmentation Disorders, Contagious non-contagious diseases 12
8 Skin Analysis- Skin types, Skin Conditions, Client consultations, Product selection and treatments based on Skin Analysis 18
9 Superfluous Hair- Theoretical Overview of permanent methods, Temporary methods: Manual tweezing and Waxing {Strip and Non-Strip) 60
10 Chemistry- Chemistry related to Esthetics, Acidity and Alkalinity 3
11 Chemistry As Applied to Esthetics- Cosmetics and skin care products, Massage creams and oils, new product technology, FDA Laws governing cosmetics and skin care, Skin sensitivity and allergic reactions 21
12 Electricity and Equipment- Electricity as related to Esthetics equipment, Electrical Equipment and safety, Galvanic current for iontophoresis and Desincrustation, High frequency current, Esthetics equipment, paraffin Unit, Emerging technologies 18
13 Facial and Body Procedures- Client consultation, Skin analysis and recommendations, Facial and Body procedure, Overview of various products, Facial procedures with electrical equipment, Wet and dry exfoliation, Overview advanced techniques 240
14 Make-Up Techniques- Color theory, Morphology of the face, Eyebrow contouring, Make-up application, Artificial lashes, Advanced make-up techniques 70
15 Business Practices- Business operations, Accounting and Inventory, Payroll regulations, Ethics and Professional conduct, Retailing techniques, Marketing, Customer relations 30
16 Career Skills- Resume, Cover letter, Licensing regulations, Employment Application, Employment interview 12
17 Introduction To Advanced Esthetics- Paramedical procedures, Discuss scope of licensing, Overview medical procedures, Pre and Post operative care 9
18 State Board Practice- Instruction and practice are given to provide information on written and practical examination procedures. 23



1 Course Overview and Content- Career opportunities, social media and developing higher end services with a full range, including but not limited to chain and franchise opportunities.  7
2 Bacteriology and Infection Control – Bacteriology, Decontamination, and Infection Control 20 
3 Workplace Safety and Healthy- Safety and health requirements, emerging new protocols, for client and operator safety. Updated OSHA, CDC and FDA regulations to include recycling requirements and disposal of products 14
4 Anatomy and Physiology– Cells, Tissues and Organs- Body systems, Principles of Nutrition 20
5 Chemistry as Applied to Barbering- Forms and properties of matter, Elements, compounds and mixtures, Chemical reactions and solutions, pH Scale, FDA Laws 10
6 Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioners and Treatments – Client consultation, Client analysis and preparation, Scalp treatments and manipulations, Chemistry 28 
7 Properties and Disorders of Skin, Scalp and Hair – Histology of hair and skin, divisions of hair, variety of color, shape and size of hair  22
8 Haircutting and Shaping- Fundamentals and principles of haircutting, Scissor and razor haircutting, Hair texturizing, Clipper cutting, Contemporary and specialized haircutting 200 
9 Shaving and Facial Massage- Fundamentals of Shaving, Preparation and Procedures, Facial Massage 64
10 Hairstyling- Basic principles of Hairstyling, Quick services, Tools and implements, blow-dry styling techniques, Free-form styling- Mustache and Beard Design- Mustache and beard design, mustache designs, Beard designs, Trimming and Removing of Superfluous hair 55
11 Hair Coloring- Color theory, Law of color, classification of color products, strengths of developers, safety and disinfection procedures- Chemistry- define pH, 50
12 Men’s Hair Pieces- Hairpieces, Human and synthetic hair, measuring for hairpieces, Care of hairpieces, Cutting and styling hairpieces, Wigs, Hair replacement techniques 30
13 Business Practices- NY State Licensing requirements, Business management and operations, Accounting and inventor, Payroll deductions, Ethics, Professional conduct and client relations, Career Skills, Marketing and retailing, Professional organizations, and trade shows 50
14 State Board Exam Review and Practice – Review skill needed for examination preparation, Preparation of work and client area, Haircutting techniques, Shaving techniques and procedures, Facial massage, Exam review 30
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