We Build The Future

Welcome to Hair on Hudson Academy (HOHA), a place where insightful knowledge is the foundation to creating brighter futures in the cosmetology field. We take pride in the fact that our student pool includes people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and experiences. Some of our students are women seeking to re-establish themselves in this challenging labor force, others are high school graduates who wish to gain a special skill and achieve more than a high school diploma; and others are people who simply decide they need a change in their lives and careers. Our school motto is “Standard of Excellence”. With such dedication as our objective, our teachers will embark on a journey to ensure a standard of excellence across a wide range of topics in the cosmetology field. The programs we offer are taught with high distinction and provide students with foundational knowledge at each step of the way. Our program includes written and practical communication skills, confidence building, development and refinement of ones skills, profitable business and personal marketing strategies, as well as short- and long- term professional development. Our goal is to deliver a career-development elite program that will produce graduates with unique and marketable skills who not only achieve their career goals, but who can also transform new knowledge into novel applications and techniques in the field.

Towards New Horizons

As part of our training trajectory, we are committed to helping our students actively seek many internship opportunities in order to successfully build a diverse, experience-rich professional resume. Our commitment is grounded in our belief that classroom learning, and assimilation of theoretical knowledge are cultivated and further enhanced when they are actively practiced and applied in professional setting that takes place in the real world. This practical, professional development structure allows our students to gain valuable work experience, network with other professionals and entrepreneurs who share similar ideas and vision; and promote their talents to potential employers who may evaluate them for future consideration. We are committed to ensuring that our students receive excellent training opportunities, so all internships must be approved by the HOHA Placement Career Center prior to the beginning of the internship period.

Situated in the heart of the business district area in the City of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., HOHA facilities an intimate classroom setting tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. The small classroom setting is better suited to promote the personalized attention and learning environment needed for our students to succeed. We believe that you are more efficient and prolific learner when you can interact with your classmates and your instructors. This intimate classroom setting provides you with a safe environment to practice what you learn hone your craft, experiment  with new ideas, and network and collaborate with peers on novel perspectives.

HOHA is complemented by a full salon studio, staffed with successful stylists who offer unmatched knowledge gained over many years of experience. This unique setting grants students with the opportunity to fully merge the theoretical learning experience with hands-on demos that employ advanced techniques from renowned stylists around the country. We believe that beyond the practical learning experience, HOHA also promotes inspiration and vision among the staff and students, which is evident in our constant strive for excellence and growth. Additionally, with this exclusive insight into today’s industry, we want to help our students better recognize the specific area they want to pursue and use their individual skills in. We are prepared to encourage them and train them along any area including education, salon, editorial fashion, or salon marketing.

We hope our program will be a good fit for aspiring and achieving your goals. And remember HOHA’s motto: “Standard of Excellence”.

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